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  • The Cheese Train

    All aboard ‘The Cheese Train’ 

    Switzerland is known for many things – the Alps, chocolates, rail routes, wine, chalets and of course…cheese! 
    The Goldenpass has been taking tourists on a chocolate trail for years, and has now launched The Cheese Train or as the Swiss call it, ‘Train du Fromage’. The expedition takes its visitors on a full day return trip to Chateau-d’Oex to experience the traditional ways of cheese making and the town’s peculiar art form. Better yet, you get to taste some of the best cheeses available in the world.
    Depart from Montreux
    The journey begins in a vintage 1930 Pullman Carriage from Montreux. With class, style and a sense of travelling in time, this classic train rides through the scenic beauty of the Alpine landscape.
    Cheese Making Demonstration at Le Chalet
    Built in 1976 by Marcel Lenoir, Le Chalet with its rustic decor exemplifies what Alpine chalets looked like back then. One of the outer walls of the restaurant is decorated with a row of Cow Bells typical to Switzerland.
    Le Chalet offers its customers a live demonstration of the traditional Alpine cheese-making process. Traditionally, dressed cheese makers use huge copper cauldrons to heat milk over wood fire and turn hundreds of litres of organic milk into hard cheese. They then separate the curdled cheese and put it into moulds. 
    Le Chalet also boasts of a shop that sells their famous in-house preparation, Le Chalet Bio cheese

    The Musee du Vieux Pays-d’Enhaut 
    Experience the 1920s with this private museum (founded in 1922) that is known for its folk art and embellished with old fashioned furnishings. 
    The museum also features fine handmade cutouts called ‘decoupages’. Typical to the region, these cutouts are an important part of traditions and feature more than 60 pieces. 
    Also, don’t forget to check out the old fashioned kitchen and ironsmith’s workshop at the museum. These rooms display the tools of trade of the bygone era. 
    So whether you’re a cheese connoisseur or just a regular-old travel lover, here’s a journey and an experience that you would truly enjoy.