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  • Travel ​Enthusiast of the Month - May

    Say hello to our very first Travel Enthusiast of the Month – Srinivas Kulkarni. As a ‘wandering thinker & pondering writer’, his idea of travelling is backpacking across the country along the less threaded paths. Srinivas aspires to put all his travel experiences into a book one day,for the world to read. It is his enthusiasm and love for travelling that makes him our ‘Travel Enthusiast of the Month’. Here’s what Srinivas has to say about his travels so far. Check it out! 

    1. What inspired you to take up travelling?

    I always enjoyed writing! It has been my first love. Back in 2006 I had this thought of becoming a better writer, but to do that, I believe it was important for me to broaden my horizon. To be well travelled is to be well read! And that’s when I decided to take up travelling and slowly and steadily started working towards taking as many trips as I could and write about them. My goal is to travel the world and weave stories about my sojourns to leave a legacy behind when I’m gone...

    2. What was your first solo travel experience like?

    My first real solo travel experience was when I backpacked for 15 days and covered over 17 cities across Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Kerala! It was legendary and one of the most inspiring journeys I ever took. It gave birth to #SriniOnTour, something that I coined back in the day as a trademark to my trips across boundaries. I used to write sojourns of that trip on a daily basis as part of a ‘Blogumentary’ as I’d like to call it and penned down my beautiful experiences starting from Marina Beach, heading to Pondicherry’s Auroville and finishing up my tour in the magical God’s Own Country, Kerala. 

    3. 3 Places that you loved the most

    Tough to just shortlist 3 places!

    The beautiful mountainous escapades of the Himalayas; be it Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand, the diversities of Leh and Ladakh, the rustic yet beautiful Valley of Spiti, or the most refreshing North Eastern Sleeping Buddha of Kanchenjunga. All of them are nothing short of heaven.

    My recent experience in Bali was something I really enjoyed! It is truly the Island of Gods.A great experience awaits party lovers, beach goers and water sport fans in South Bali. And an unforgettable one in Ubud if you love nature, hiking, or just the beautiful lush green countryside. I loved my stay and experience in Bali.

    Lastly, one place that will always be the closest to my heart is the enchanting ruins of Hampi in Karnataka. This place is my pilgrimage of sorts. I go there every year, as a ritual. I’m in love with the rustic, amazing, endearing ruins, the artistic sculptures and carvings which share a great cultural experience of the 13thcentury Hoysala, Chola art.

    4. Your best & most bizarre travel moment

    Wow, this is getting tougher! I think the best moment I’ve had in my travel was when I finished a really beautiful and short trek across the Indo-Tibet border, 6 kms away from Mana village near Badrinath. This was the last Indian village across the Indo-Tibet border and after we trekked for a couple of hours, we encountered a huge glacier at the foothills of the beautiful Vasudhara Waterfalls. It was so refreshing that I spent another hour or so just sleeping at the bottom of a glacier cave thinking about absolutely nothing. I was totally at peace! Such experiences are hard to come and truly enlightening! A bizarre travel moment was when I met this interesting kid with some really amazing aspirations which kind of made me think of how small kids can teach us so many interesting things. The story of that kid is well encapsulated on this blog of mine: The Tiger Kid of Himalayas

    5. The best & worst food experiences you’ve had

    Nothing can beat the Parathas and Lassis you get in Amritsar at most of the dhabas there! Other than that I enjoyed the amazing South Indian food you get across Kerala, especially in RBlock Island along with some Toddy! As far as the worst food experiences, well, I hate airplane food in general, and one such experience was on my flight to Bali. The polished rice and chicken gravy just didn’t agree with my stomach. I fell sick and had to take rest the entire first day of our Bali trip. 

    6. You look forward to travelling because…

    It sets me free and helps me rediscover myself from within. As I always say, “To traverse beyond the limitations of my mind, I travel to look upon the journey within myself.” 

    7. A few travel tips that you’d like to share with our followers

    Some of the tips that have helped me over the last few years of travel

    1. Travel light. Backpack as much as you can. Best way to enjoy your travel!

    2. Get a Youth Hostel card, helps you stay cheap at most places in the world.

    3. Walk it up whenever you’re in a new town, city or country. Gives you a fresh perspective.

    4. Meet new people, talk to them, eat new food, and try new experiences. Things aren’t as important as experiences are!

    5. Travel as much as you like, whenever you can! You’ve got the whole world and an entire life to do it! Don’t fret too much.


    8. 5 essentials in your travel bag

    Other than my clothes, passport, any camera and a book on travel I can’t think of anything that’s really essential for any trip! 


    9. Top 3 places on your bucket list…

    Antarctica and Northern Lights, Everest Base camp and Bhutan


    10. How has travelling changed you as a person?

    Traveling has made me tolerant! It has opened my horizon to understand, accept, believe and try out newer things in life. Helped me learn that the world is completely different than what you thought it was! As a person, I’ve become quite learned and more aware of cultures, personalities, places, food and a lot of other things. But from the inside, as a person it has helped me become wiser and smarter about Life!


    -- Srinivas Kulkarni