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    Here’s presenting Dheeraj Sharma, our Travel Enthusiast of the Month for July.  A rookie shutterbug and a die-hard Leh – Ladakh lover, with a strong passion towards exploring new places & sharing experiences with the fellow travellers. His love for travelling and driving led him to start an online community called Devil on Wheels (DoW) which is a Himalayan Travel Community. Lets see what he has to share...


    1. What inspired you to take up travelling?

    There was a time, when I was going through a rough phase in life. So I decided to take a trip. That changed something inside me. After that, I started travelling regularly till a ‘game changing’ trip to Chandratal in the Himalayas. I fell in love with the Himalayas and the traveler’s life. I got hooked. Today it has been almost 5 years since that first trip and I’ve been trying to live out my passion every single day.

    2. What was your first solo travel experience like?

    My first ever solo trip was a partial one. I was on a trip to Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh and was joined by my friends at various sections of the valley. It was remarkably different. It gave me a great sense of freedom and happiness. I mingled with the locals and tried to live like they do, without prejudices. It really was a wonderful experience.

    3. 3 Places that you loved the most

    Leh in Ladakh, Spiti and Tirthan Valleys in Himachal Pradesh.

    4. Your best & most bizarre travel moment

    Best ever experiences have always been while executing Devil on Wheels causes in remote villages of the Himalayas. I consider them the most precious moments.Bringing smiles to the faces of children, the feeling is just precious.

    The most Bizarre moment was when I got caught up in Leh – Ladakh flash floods. What I saw, experienced and felt, especially being alone in a tragic situation, changed my perspective on life.

    5. The best & worst food experiences you’ve had

    I am not much of a foodie so I take whatever is available, be it good or just eatable. I seldom complain or appreciate food.But I love fruits and carry them whenever possible, which is almost always.

    6. You look forward to travelling because…

    It gives me reasons to smile, love, learn, connect and feel alive!!

    7. A few travel tips that you’d like to share with our followers

    Do not litter and reduce the use of plastic bottles as much as you possibly can. Travel but travel responsibly, talk to locals, share smiles with them and respect who they are and how they live.

    8. 5 essentials in your travel bag

    Camera Kit, Stationary for local children, a lucky charm, a torch (with extra batteries) and a toothbrush.

    9. Top 3 places on your bucket list…

    Arunachal Pradesh, Bhutan and Nepal.

    10. How has travelling changed you as a person?

    As I said, travelling has given me reasons to smile, love, learn, connect and feel alive!!

    -- Dheeraj Sharma