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    We are glad to feature one of the most famous Travel Blogger & enthusiast who has won a lot of travel blogger awards and has been featured many times on Social Media. Lakshmi Sharath is a Media Professional and a Traveller by heart. She has covered 5 continents & 25 countries and is still exploring the world around. Her blog “A travel blog of an Indian Backpacker” has won several accolades including winning the Indibloggies-India’s best travel blog of the year in 2008. Check out her interview as she shares some of her interesting experiences travelling to different places and countries.

    1. What inspired you to take up travelling?

    My mother told me that as a child, I would run around as if I had wheels on my feet. I was inspired by my grandfathers- both maternal and paternal, who had jobs that required travelling. But, I think, the desire to step outside my comfort zone, to meet people and lose myself in different landscapes - both culturally and naturally, is what got me to travel.

    2. What was your first travel experience like?

    Most of my independent travel was, initially, on work when I had a day job in the media industry. And once my work was over, I would explore the environs. However, my most memorable travel experience was when I was travelling with a cousin and visited around 30 Hoysala temples, most of them unknown and rustic. We went to small villages, met locals and heard some interesting stories. It was not just my love for heritage travel that made this trip special, but my exploration into rustic Karnataka that made me fall in love with Malnad.

    3. Three Places that you loved the most

    Turkey, Ladakh and KMTR – Kalakadu Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve

    4. Your best & most bizarre travel moments

    Best travel moment – Pitching a tent on the banks of Pangong Tso with no place around for miles to stay. Thankfully, this was before Three Idiots was shot there; so had the place for myself.

    Most Bizarre travel moment – Went on a road trip with no destination, agenda in mind, no clothes or baggage; finally bought clothes and toothbrush on the way

    5. The best & worst food experiences you’ve had

    Best food experience – At Kasturiakka’s house, Doddamane in Agumbe where Malgudi Days was filmed.

    Worst food experience – Searching for vegetarian food in interior Kerala

    6. You look forward to travelling because…

    It’s liberating, there is always something new to discover at the end of the road!

    7. A few travel tips that you’d like to share with our followers

    Travel for travel’s sake, try to blend in with local culture and be responsible – for both yourself and the environment

    8. Five essentials in your travel bag

    Sunscreen, bird book, my travel diary, medicines, camera.

    9. Top three places on your bucket list…

    Machu Picchu (in Peru), Scandinavia (I want to see the Northern Lights) and Egypt.

    10. How has travelling changed you as a person?

    This link should have the answers

    -- Lakshmi Sharath