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    We are pleased to feature Siddhartha Joshi as our ‘Travel Enthusiast of the Month’. A Pune based industrial designer and street photographer is more famous for his blog “”. We asked him a few questions on his travel stories and how he started as a travel blogger. Read what he has to share with us……..

    1.  What inspired you to take up travelling?

    Well, I can’t really recall a good answer to this. I have been traveling since I was a kid and had no choice on whether to travel or not then. My dad planned a vacation every year during the summer holidays and I guess the influence rubbed off on me as well. However, it was after my first solo trip that I truly became independent and since then have never looked back.

    2.  What was your first solo travel experience like?

    My first solo experience was actually forced on me. It was during Dussehra holidays and I was all alone. Most of my friends had gone back to their homes, and those who were free wanted to have a house party. However, I wanted to be close to the hills (I am basically a mountain man) and so within an hour I packed my bags and left for the bus station. My friends were shocked and rather worried (I was 21 then and had not even imagined travelling alone). But I went anyway and went up to Kodaikanal, alone.

    I spent my first solo trip cycling around the lake, and taking long walks in the meadows. I had taken a small notebook with me and wrote poems sitting in a village in the hills. It was absolutely wonderful as I had never done any of these things during my past travels. After that, I was basically hooked!

    3.  3 Places that you loved the most

    Chadar trek in Jammu & Kashmir, Pulpit Rock in Norway and Yosemite National Park in the United States.

    4.  Your best & most bizarre travel moments

    Once a bunch of my trekking enthusiast friends went for a trek to Ratangad during the monsoons. As we headed up to the fort, it started pouring, and the visibility became, almost nil. We had to ask a local village boy to guide us up the hill to the caves where we had planned to camp. From a straight-forward trek, it became a very challenging one – we kept slipping on our way up but going back was not an option.

    Up on the hill, the cave was flooded and our sleeping bags were useless. One friend had a tent for two where five of us had to sleep with heavy rains all around and water seeping in from all corners. It was pretty crazy but we laughed through the night over nonsensical stories. After that trek, I make sure I am better prepared for camping, but this bizarre experience was very memorable for all of us. Read the story here – Ratangad Trek.

    5.  The best & worst food experiences you’ve had

    I have had loads of great food experiences, but I think I will rate the sweets of Varanasi pretty high up on my list as I have a BIG sweet tooth!

    As for the worst, it was basically trying out Calamari fish on a beach outside Barcelona. I am sure it was tasty, but being a vegetarian it was a challenge to finish my portion!

    6.  You look forward to travelling because…

    Whether solo or in groups (I do both, often), travelling always allows me to connect with myself, even in chaos. It allows me to become one with everything else that is around.

    7.  A few travel tips that you’d like to share with our followers

    Always travel light – one bag only!

    Never depend on plastic money!

    Experiment with solo travel, even if you have a partner!

    Always connect with locals when you are there – they will give you the best advice!

    Never say no to a travel opportunity, the moment will never come back!

    8.  5 essentials in your travel bag

              Camera with charger

              Medicine box – Paracetamol tablets, some OTC painkiller, something for the stomach

              Swimming trunks (yes!)

              Lots of chocolates and trail mixes

              Small gifts (you will always find an opportunity to use them)

    9.  Top 3 places on your bucket list…

              Machu Pichu in Peru, Alaska in the United States and Iran

    10.  How has travelling changed you as a person?

    I am much more accommodating now as a person and have become a much better listener. I appreciate being by myself. It rejuvenates me like nothing else. And finally, I have become much more curious about the world around me. The more I travel, the more my excitement about the next trip J

    -- By Siddhartha Joshi