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                                                                          The effervescent Paulina :)

    Sometimes you live in a city and still not know about it's most interesting aspects. And often you need a kind friend who takes an initiative to make sure that you do not miss out on all fantastic stuff simply because of your laziness :)

    The street art is usually created during the street art festival - typically in early September

    I like the colors...its permanent art though!

    So that's where Paulina came in to show me the street art in Stavanger. And she started right next to my temporary house! What embarrassment! :)

    So here is the first set of images from that walk, a little story with each one of them...

    I loved these houses when I saw them first, however a few stories later I wasn't quite so sure

    Paulina had lived here during her first winters, and the place gets COLD in the night! :(

    I think we spent most time with this one, dead rats on an old and no-longer-in-use factory wall
    -- By Siddhartha Joshi