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    It’s our pleasure to introduce our ‘Travel Enthusiast of the Month’, Mr. Prasad NP aka the desi Traveler. We asked him to share his travel experiences with us and he was kind enough to oblige. For more of his blogs and insights please visit DesiTraveler.comHappy reading!


    1.      What inspired you to take up travelling?

    A deep desire to see the world and understand how we are all connected and same, even though we see only superficial differences in colour, clothes, language, food, etc. I have always been fascinated with how humans spread through every place on earth and wanted to visit every single society on earth to understand them better.

    2.      What was your first solo travel experience like?

    It was awesome; I visited some remote villages in the Himalayas and actually pondered over personal, professional and philosophical things.

    3.      4 Places that you loved the most

    Kerala, Pondicherry, San Francisco & Hong Kong

    4.      Your best & most bizarre travel moment

    Best was watching sun melt into the Arabian Sea in Kerala, and Bizarre was being conned by a photographer in Paris

    5.      The best & worst food experiences you’ve had

    Best food in a small shack in Tal Chapar Rajasthan, when a guy shared his food with us, as we mistook him for a ‘dhaba’ owner. Worst was getting sick on a 9 hour flight from Milan to New Delhi after eating something on the plane

    6.      You look forward to travelling because…

    Traveling completes me, one step at a time!

    7.      A few travel tips that you’d like to share with our followers

    Research, Plan, Research, Plan and then do something that your heart says  :)

    8.      4 essentials in your travel bag

    Camera, A Good book to read on flight or train, all my papers and some deodorant.

    9.      Top 4 places on your bucket list…

    Rio De Janerio, Arunachal Pradesh, Middle-East, South Africa

    10.   How has travelling changed you as a person?

    Made me patient and appreciate the diversity we have with people living in different places, and more conscious about the footprint we are leaving on our planet, I hope to leave the planet in a better shape than it is today!

    -- By Mr. Prasad NP